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it's the Zï$$0U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originating from the family name Zissou as in Steve Zissou and Kingsley Zissou, the word zissou has come to mean 'badass' or 'fuckin awesome'. The uses of this in everyday conversation are endless and can be used to describe people, events, actions, or many other things. The reason that this is the meaning derived from the family is because the Zissou family is badass. In the movie The Life Aquatic, it was necessary to cast Bill Murray to play Steve Zissou because he is the only person who would have been capable to emulate the awesomeness of him.
"Bill Murray is so fuckin' zissou!"
"That party last night was zissou, I got laid 4 times!"
"That dunk by Kobe was so zissou"

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Letting necessary items fall into disrepair for the sake of lesser needed items.
"Man, this toaster is so fucking Zissou. It has two settings: bread and bricket. Yet the flatiron has technology developed by NASA."

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(n') zee-sue an individual who has high thoughts of themselves which are completely different of anybody else. oblivious to surroundings. makes uneducated remarks about all subjects. 
ohhh shiz! what a zissou!?