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SELMA: Fashion Week Berlin Spring Summer 2012 Day I

SO dear idiots, I have to work today, in the fashion week tent until around 13 o clock, and then back at the studio doing some stylesheets or whatever and I hope I get out of there in time because I was invited to Augustin Teboul and to Designers Scouts Fashion Shows and I want to be at both. But shit happened: after dying my eyebrows I got some really ugly little red points nearby the eyes and now I  fear they’ll develop to pimples! AND, loser-me can’t find Manic Panic hair colour, I wanted blue but how it looks and regarding my fucking time schedule I won’t be able to buy it until Saturday, shitty!

Oh and yesterday we went to some sort of shop opening, the shop is called something like “scotch and soda” or some shit, and it really bored the hell out of us, the people were decadence and squareness in person and some I would have loved to really fuck hard, so they get a bit laid-back… However we got to get a key with a card which says that you can pick up a present between 6th and until 9th of July…. I’m wondering what it’ll will be. I bet some sort of bag out of fabric (like those cotton grocery bags which are en vogue) or some perfume sample… I dunno, and I don’t care, I just wanna get the gift and go away from that shop.

Ah, yeah, well there was free drinks, so it wasn’t that bad, and after a while a friend came which wasn’t on the guestlist but they didn’t care so all three of us had the possibility to fill us up with beer and vodka-rababer, which I don’t know what it is in english and I don’t care if u don’t understand!