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SELMA: Fashion Week Berlin Spring Summer 2012 Day IV

I’m here back again! After some really crazy fashion shows which were more then exhausting! The day began relaxed with a sweet and tasty breakfast at Michael’s Atelier, we just had to order some style sheets at by midday we left the studio and we had time for free. So I strictly went to the Fashion Week Tent because Jesus Papichulo (not Jesus Papichulito) were invited to Hannes Kettritz’s Fashion Presentation int he official Studio, and to be honest it was the best Fashion Show/Presentation I saw until today. First of all I want to mention that I decided that I definitely want to study Men’s Wear Fashion, because Women’s Wear is so boring, everything exists already, and if you look closer: male models are better+hotter, male clothing is more interesting+not-overrated, male guests at fashion shows are stealing the show to the girls, because the girls look boring, kind copied from look book.nu, and the guys, well someones, really still kick ass, males are better in any way you know (haha Imma sexist of the special kind!)… No, males aren’t better, just male fashion is much more better then female… however. So Hannes Kettritz presented Man’s Wear, very understatement, many clear lines and patterns and colours, it seemed nearly uniform-like and my philosophy is: when fashion arrives to uniform again we can do a revolution, so contribute as much as you can to the fashion-uniform… bla bla bla.
The Studio Installation was really amazing: very atmospheric place, a hall-like studio, dark and with white squares where the models stood after they did some walking around and trees which were kinda talking to you, because there was a fresh breeze (which I think was produced by invisible ventilators or something similar) and electric atmospheric bird-chirp-music. Awesome. Highly respect to Hannes Kettritz, when I’m rich I’ll buy your designs.
B-Sides the shoes used were just normal Fishy’s from ebay, cheap, ca. 8 € ! Love them!

But then I went to Seefashion, it was the annual fashion presentation of Weißensee Art University. And I liked some people, like Elke Fiebig (google her, her blog is very nice!) and two or three others but the rest was just rubbish and trashy and bad colours and wasting… So after that I was happy to come back to the official tent for Romanian Designers, but I should have known better! Although we set in second row there it was full of ugly normal tourist people, because the Romanian designers aren’t so popular here. And the music, just a bit better then in Weißensee - because there it was nearly deadly bad music - was still bad! And the models skinny, and boring. Just one designer, the very first one, did a very good presentation.
Today my post is less bitchy and more experience-like, I’m sorry for that.

Now I’m listening to Gwen Stefani’s ‘Luxurious’ because Patty and Me (Selma) sang and played it yesterday after the monstrous hipster-meet-up at Wood Wood ‘State of Mind’ Fashion Show, and indeed - I feel somehow luxurious, tomorrow I’ll go to Hien Le and A.F. Vandevorst (and more shows are planned if I get to accredited…) and I plan very chique styling for Hien Le and very trashy dirty i’ll-fuck-you’r-hairy-ass-attitude-style for the A.F. Vandevorst Show, juché!
Quote of the Day:
As expected: A huge avant-guarde-hipster meet-up. And the funny thing is: Everybody present is thinking this too. So, the golden rule is: It’s always the others that are hip.