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SELMA: fashion week berlin spring summer 2012: DAY III

Gosh, I’m kinda tired of all this verschnudelte Tabularasa (as Christa at my work is used to say when she means: circus!) Well yesterday we had only one fashiopn show to watch so we decided to make sort of a showroom visiting day. But then I died my hair and I went shopping to HUMANA (the best second hand cheap store here I think…) and then I went eating something bla bla, so the day passed and we kinda relaxed all the time, it was important too, because I had one day off at work and Patty had stomache ache and liked to stay at home until the show began.
The Show, Wood Wood, was quiet interesting, but a bit like H&M reloaded, nothing special, the male models were hot and had some face painting and the girl models were tiny, skinny, distugst, haha. Well maybe one or two pieces look cool in a different context, because the collection as it was shown was bit boring- The music was cool indeed. And from time to time I get some sort of aversion against all those fashiony people, they so superfacial and bitchy and most of them dress boring and I made some “fashion week friends”, those are people you really bad mouth around all the time when they’re not there but then when you see them your all like: Oh hello, how did you like the show? ah hum? really?”