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fuck art / let's fuck

You: do you like porn?
Stranger: yeah, you?
You: no, not at all.
You: you know, it's porn.
Stranger: it'd good for it's place, the real thing is obviously better, but can be elusive
You: possibly.
Stranger: what's got you thinking on it?
You: i am doing some works about pornography.
You: and i am reading a lot about it.
You: it's a very tricky thing.
Stranger: i'd agree it's a tricky thing
Stranger: i'm starting to like you
Stranger: a hell lot more deapth than the guys who just click on past
You: why are you masturbating?
You: is this turning you on?
Stranger: nah, the other windows got me going still
Stranger: i set some time aside
Stranger: looking for a little fun, is all
You: okay. the more penis the better.
Stranger: well, you are on here after all
Stranger: what are you looking for?
You: fuck art, let's fuck.
Stranger: so you gonna sow me your dick? :)
You: no. not at all.